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February 2017 Archives

Family law: Proposed law may increase grants for kinship care

Many Texas families take care of the children of relatives for various reasons. However, these families typically suffer financially because current family law does not allow the same financial support to them -- often grandparents -- like the support provided to foster families. While foster care allowances are about $700 per child per month, kinship care provides for only $500 per child per year. A proposed bill aims to set that right.

Family law: Do grandparents have rights to their grandchildren?

When grandparents in Texas are denied access to their grandchildren, it can be a sad situation. Under family law, grandparents have no automatic rights related to custody or visitation of their grandchildren. However, certain circumstances may lead to a court granting a grandparent such rights.

Subcontractors may resort to litigation for unpaid fees

The construction process of any building project in Texas is based on agreements between the property owner and the contractors -- typically a general contractor with subcontractors to do electrical and other work. Disagreements are inherent in the construction industry, and it is common for disputes to lead to litigation. Very often a subcontractor is caught in the middle of a disagreement between the owner and the general contractor.

Real estate litigation: Hospital and linen company charged

When construction or other defects in buildings in Texas and elsewhere cause harm to occupants of those buildings, the victims or their surviving family members may hold the property owners responsible. Real estate companies must ensure properties on their books are safe -- this applies to construction and other issues such a toxic mold accumulations. A hospital and business in another state are currently fighting lawsuits alleging mold caused the deaths of two people.

Family law: Child custody options for divorcing Texas parents

The circumstances of each Texas family are unique. The family law section of the American Bar Association says ideal child custody arrangements must be based on the dynamics of each family, with the focus on the best interests of the child. Family courts allow parents to negotiate arrangements to suit their circumstances, and a variety of options is available. Failure to reach mutual agreements will require the judge to order a court-established custody scheme. Child custody involves both legal and residential custody.

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