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April 2017 Archives

Failure to disclose real estate shortcoming can lead to charges

Entrepreneurs who buy neglected homes, renovate them and then sell the properties for profit can earn themselves sizeable incomes. However, compliance with the law is essential, especially when it comes to disclosure of information that might hurt the real estate value during a sale. Concealing such information could lead to fraud allegations, litigation and conviction.

Do you need help with family law and intricacies such as QDROs?

Texas couples who file for divorce have so much to consider that some important matters may be left unattended. Family law issues such as child custody, parenting plans and the division of property can be overwhelming. Without qualified professional guidance, matters related to the division of retirement funds sometimes receive less than the necessary attention.

How To Rise Above The Conflict After Divorce

Co-parenting after a divorce is tough. It’s even tougher if you had a contentious divorce, which involved a custody battle. Your children (and you) will benefit if you are able to set aside differences and learn how to effectively co-parent and minimize conflict.

Shutting the doors of a business may lead to litigation

Running a successful business in Texas can be difficult, and when financial problems develop, some business owners may find it difficult to keep the doors open. If the decision is to close the business, it may have disastrous consequences if the owner just shuts the doors and walks away. If there may be creditors, employees, customers and others owed money, litigation may result that proper procedure might have avoided.

Litigation over penalties can be costly for any small business

Small business owners in Texas are often more vulnerable than those who have bigger concerns. While large corporations have divisional managers who know state and federal laws related to their sections, small business owners have to understand all the legal requirements to make sure they don't land in trouble that might lead to litigation. Many small businesses operate from premises in residential areas, adding a list of local regulations to the already extensive list of laws with which to comply.

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