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May 2017 Archives

Family law: What is a sunset clause in a prenuptial agreement?

Times have changed, and many Texas residents wait until they have established their careers before they consider marriage. While prenuptial agreements used to be a a family law concern that was difficult to discuss with a future spouse, it has become more acceptable because in many relationships both parties have assets that each wants to protect. The tricky part is to anticipate the future when drafting a prenup.

Real estate purchases made easier with legal guidance and support

Buying a home in Texas is a complicated process -- especially if it is navigated without legal counsel. While a mortgage lender and real estate broker are typically essential participants in such a transactions, the support and guidance of an experienced attorney can be a valuable asset. Many aspects of real estate transactions are confusing and not necessarily tailored to the personal needs of the buyer.

Business litigation can arise in various circumstances

Disputes sometimes arise between businesses or private individuals and business entities in Texas. Those who cannot resolve the issues often resort to litigation. Some of the disputes that land before the courts involve investors and their brokers. Investors who suffer substantial financial losses may suspect their brokers of unethical behavior. In some cases, the disputes can lead to allegations of investment fraud.

Family law: Financial challenges of divorce after 50

The process of divorce and the associated emotional impact can cloud the minds of both spouses. If this is a step taken by a Texas couple who is close to retirement age, clear minds are necessary to consider the applicable family law and the financial implications of such an action. For example, for one spouse to blindly choose to keep the house without taking into account the costs of maintaining the property along with the tax implications can be detrimental and may exceed the retirement income the person will receive.

Family law and the myths about adoption, surrogacy and IVF

The scope of parenting in Texas and elsewhere has changed significantly. Any person who wants a child can have one, regardless of whether he or she is single, in a same-sex relationship, has fertility problems or more. They even have a choice of routes to take to achieve parenthood. However, myths exist about every available option, and before choosing a method, it might be worth some research -- including the family law issues that may arise.

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