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Comcast facing litigation over competition in Texas

There are several cable television companies in Texas, as our readers know well. What some may be surprised to learn is the lengths that some businesses will apparently go to increase their share of customers. This is the basis of a recent case that led to litigation filed in the Harris County District Court.

Protect a trademark to avoid commercial litigation

There is always the potential for every trademark to be successful and become a valuable asset to the company that owns it -- in Texas and every other state. However, the business owner's responsibility does not stop with registering the trademark. If it is not adequately maintained and monitored, it might be canceled, or conflicts may lead to litigation.

Business litigation can arise in various circumstances

Disputes sometimes arise between businesses or private individuals and business entities in Texas. Those who cannot resolve the issues often resort to litigation. Some of the disputes that land before the courts involve investors and their brokers. Investors who suffer substantial financial losses may suspect their brokers of unethical behavior. In some cases, the disputes can lead to allegations of investment fraud.

Shutting the doors of a business may lead to litigation

Running a successful business in Texas can be difficult, and when financial problems develop, some business owners may find it difficult to keep the doors open. If the decision is to close the business, it may have disastrous consequences if the owner just shuts the doors and walks away. If there may be creditors, employees, customers and others owed money, litigation may result that proper procedure might have avoided.

Litigation over penalties can be costly for any small business

Small business owners in Texas are often more vulnerable than those who have bigger concerns. While large corporations have divisional managers who know state and federal laws related to their sections, small business owners have to understand all the legal requirements to make sure they don't land in trouble that might lead to litigation. Many small businesses operate from premises in residential areas, adding a list of local regulations to the already extensive list of laws with which to comply.

Litigation can jeopardize a company's future and drain resources

Owners of commercial property in Texas and other states always have to live with the threat of lawsuits filed against them. Whenever the owner of a building provides apartment units for rent, there will be potential commercial landlord-tenant disputes. When negotiations cannot resolve disagreements, costly litigation may follow.

Litigation involving contract disputes may ruin a business

Many courtroom battles involve the validity of business contracts. Accordingly, it makes good sense for Texas business owners to have a general understanding about the essential elements of a contract. Doing so may help avoid the time and expense of litigation. In its simplest terms, a contract involves an offer and an acceptance; that is, a contract is established once a proposal is formally accepted. This requires a meeting of the minds of the parties involved, including a mutual understanding that a legal relationship is intended.

Professional risk management advice may prevent litigation

Business owners in Texas would not want to jeopardize success by facing lawsuits that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, corrupt people who will take their chances at bribery by offering gifts to employees threaten every business. If company owners are not on the lookout for such incidents, costly litigation may follow.

Subcontractors may resort to litigation for unpaid fees

The construction process of any building project in Texas is based on agreements between the property owner and the contractors -- typically a general contractor with subcontractors to do electrical and other work. Disagreements are inherent in the construction industry, and it is common for disputes to lead to litigation. Very often a subcontractor is caught in the middle of a disagreement between the owner and the general contractor.

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